The Tubby Hook Paddle Company offers sea kayaking instruction and guiding in the New York City metropolitan area. 

We generally refer to these as courses and journeys. All courses include a journey element, and all journeys feature opportunities for participants to play and practice in a variety of conditions. 

Courses are more structured and have specific learning objectives. Journeys are more open-ended, typically organized around a particular destination or feature.

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Upcoming courses and journeys for our 2017 season include:


  • American Canoe Association Essentials of Kayak Touring Course("L2").
  • American Canoe Association Essentials of Kayak Touring Assessment ("L2").
  • American Canoe Association Coastal Kayaking Skills Assessment ("L3").
  • Sea Kayak Rescue Essentials.
  • Sea Kayak Practical Rescues.
  • Sea Kayak Practical Skills.
  • Planning and Navigating a Journey.


  • Journey Around Sandy Hook.
  • Journey to Execution Rocks.
  • Journey to Baretto Point.