The Hounds of Winter

It's been an odd winter here in New York City, home of the Tubby Hook Paddle Company. While we've had a couple of cold weeks, the weather has been predominantly warm for this time of year. While this has made for some nice days, it's been unusually windy as well. For the most part we've had some days where the weather looked nice, the air temperature wasn't too bad, but wind made paddling more work than it needed to be.

Hence, it's been a surprise as a mid-March snowfall has come to town. Here we were planning our summer season while snow and, more often, freezing rain, fell to the ground.

All that said, I (Julie) am super excited abou the upcoming season. You should see details on the rest of the site by early April.

First, I'm once again offering a two-day "Level 2" ACA class at Lake Sebago, New York. There will also be an assessment in August, which will be a day after a "rescue essentials" class also taught at the lake.

Second, I've got some plans for teaching in local conditions. If you're a little tired of the Inwood/Palisades region, saddle up the ol' buggy and get ready for some classes taught at Sandy Hook and Jamaica Bay.

Finally, if you're interested in a circumnavigation of Manhattan, pencil in August 26. It's going to be an early start, but hopefully that will keep the trip cool and get us back 'round in time for a hearty meal at the local pub.

That's all for now. Keep warm, spring is just around the corner, she ducked back because she forgot her wallet, or something. . .