Summer Warming Up !

It's a been a while coming, but summer is finally in full effect, with air temperatures regularly in the 80s F, and occasional thunderstorms dumping rain on us all. The water's quite a bit warmer than in June, too!

In mid-June, I held my first official class of the year, up at Lake Sebago. The American Canoe Association has a campground there, with tent and cabin camping situated at one of Harriman State Park's many lakes. Thank you to my students from North Brooklyn Boat Club for spending two full days practicing paddling, bracing, self-rescues and assisted rescues. Especially for the latter, it was still wetsuit temperatures then!

More recently, some individual lessons have come together well based off Dyckman Beach in Manhattan. Journeys into the Harlem, paddling and rescue practice on the Hudson - it's another full summer at Tubby Hook, for sure!

Be sure to check the Scheduler for upcoming events. In just over a week, I've got a journey and a class planned for Sandy Hook, NJ, and in August, a rescue class and a journey planned off Dyckman Beach. Then, August 19 and 20, it's back to Lake Sebago for a flatwater rescue class, and an L2 paddling skills assessment.